Earn ASMB Tokens

Fair Token Distribution

Stake your IOTA tokens in the Firefly wallet and receive ASMB tokens. Your token rewards will be available with the launch of the Assembly mainnet.

How it works

Stake your IOTA tokens to claim part of the Assembly token distribution on the IOTA network.
IOTA-ASMB distribution
1 Miota
1 Days staked 0
Staking is not active
Calculate your staking reward
Days are required
Receive Continuous Rewards
ASMB token rewards will be provided approximately every 10 seconds.
0 days Staking Period
The undefined will last 0 days, with more staking periods to follow.
No Lockups or Penalties
You will be able to stake or unstake with no penalty or lockup.

How to stake

Get Firefly wallet

Staking is inactive. To be able to get Assembly tokens, you need to install the latest version of the Firefly wallet. Follow this link to the set up.

Stake IOTA tokens

Once staking starts, follow the instructions in Firefly to begin staking. If you want to acquire IOTA tokens, you can refer to our list of exchanges that currently offer IOTA (MIOTA) further below.

Receive ASMB token airdrop

During the undefined (for 0 days), for every MIOTA staked, stakers receive undefined Assembly tokens (ASMB) every ten seconds. The amount of Assembly tokens you will receive depends on the amount of IOTA tokens and the time you staked them. You can verify your balance at any point in time.

Get IOTA Tokens

Buy IOTA tokens to stake in Firefly. You can buy IOTA tokens from the following exchanges (check whether they allow withdrawals)