The Native Token of Assembly

Enabled by
The Assembly Token
Stake ASMB tokens to secure the network and earn rewards
Validate smart contracts to secure and grow the network
Launch dApps that increase token utility and network activity
Stake to secure
Liquid Staking
Assembly will support liquid staking, enabling you to secure the network with your stake while also participating in the ecosystem.
Staking rewards
Stake your ASMB tokens and secure smart contracts running on the Assembly network. Earn staking rewards in form of newly minted ASMB tokens, collected fees and other token incentives.
Hold to govern
Network governance
Every stakeholder in the Assembly network will be able to participate in its ongoing governance, and the ongoing improvements to the protocol.
Be part of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and shape the future of every aspect of Assembly and its ecosystem.
Delegate and earn
Delegate to validators
Delegate your stake to validators of your choice. Become a validator yourself to maximize your rewards.
Receive rewards
Bond ASMB tokens and collect staking rewards, node fees and rewards from chain owners.

Assembly Tokenomics

The native ASMB token is the economic fuel of the Assembly ecosystem and is used to secure smart contract chains through staking, govern the Assembly network through voting and is used within the Assembly dApp ecosystem.
Open Distribution
70% of the token supply is reserved for DAOs, governance, developer incentives and staking.
Airdrops & Staking
20% of the token supply will be distributed to IOTA stakers over the next two years.
Dynamic Inflation
The yearly inflation rate is set at around 8% initially, with the goal of gradually reducing it yearly.