Create. Shape. Build.

The Future of
Open Worlds

Decentralize Everything

Assembly is a permissionless protocol to build, connect and deploy smart contracts on a multi-chain network on top of a feeless L1.

Scale to your needs
Assembly is designed to scale without compromising on security. Create your own chain and benefit from shared security and feeless interoperability to connect anywhere.
Build with Assembly
With Assembly you can build and interact with smart contracts cheaper, faster and more easily. Build with the right tools, SDKs and documentation.

Connecting Web3

Shared Security
The IOTA Tangle is an immutable trust anchor, helping to secure all smart contracts on Assembly.
Zero-Fee Smart Contracts
Build smart contracts with a flexible framework that empowers you to define incentive structures and fees.
Community Governance
Assembly’s governance is in the hands of the community. Vote on crucial decisions and shape the project’s future.
DAO Treasury
More than 70% of Assembly’s token supply will be distributed to DAOs and as governance and developer incentives. Tokenomics are designed to reward the ecosystem.

Find key ingredients

An open community building on Assembly: Touchpoint brings together capital, information and relationships for ecosystem growth, funding and support.
Feeless Tokenization
Tokenize anything without fees. Create any token such as NFTs and transfer them between chains without paying a fee.
Trustless Interoperability
Move assets across all chains without any fees or reduced security. Be in full control over your assets in the Assembly ecosystem.
Fully Customizable
dApp development is taken to the next level to optimize developer experience. Choose your preferred language, VM and define user fees and validator incentives.
Atomic Composability
Smart contracts are fully composable and can freely transfer assets without additional trust - like decentralized lego blocks.
EVM Compatible
Assembly is fully EVM compatible. Any Solidity smart contracts and all innovations built on Ethereum can be easily ported over to the Assembly network.
Because of the consensus protocol, Miner Extractable Value does not exist with Assembly. Trade freely without worries.

Build without boundaries

We take dApp composability to the next level, empowering builders with the right framework to scale and go mainstream.
Enabled by
The Assembly Token
Stake ASMB tokens to secure the network and earn rewards
Validate smart contracts to secure and grow the network
Launch dApps that increase token utility and network activity

Assembly Roadmap

Already start building and deploying your smart contracts on the beta version of IOTA Smart Contracts.
Pre-Launch Token Distribution
Stake your IOTA tokens in the Firefly wallet to earn ASMB tokens. Your tokens will be made available with the mainnet launch.
Network Launch
Launch of the Assembly network and token. Assembly will initially launch with a single EVM chain and the mainnet chain, and later be upgraded with full multi-chain support.