Assembly Tech

Scalable Smart Contracts


Network Architecture

A pool of validators. They are rewarded to secure new smart contract chains and keep the network honest.

Smart Contract Chains

The sharded architecture allows for horizontal scaling. Anyone can define and create their own smart contract chain, tailored to their needs.

The Assembly Network

A pool of validators that are rewarded to secure new smart contract chains and keep the network honest and safe.

IOTA Tangle

A DAG based protocol where feeless transactions secure every smart contract execution and all actions are made immutable.

Assembly is


Built on a feeless trust anchor, the Assembly network is fully interoperable, with smart contracts able to freely transfer assets and data.

Language and VM agnostic

Assembly will initially support Solidity, Rust, Go and TypeScript with the goals to support other relevant smart contract languages and VMs as well.

EVM Compatible

Assembly will be fully Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. All innovations built on Ethereum today can be easily ported over to Assembly.

No relays and bridges required

Simplify your development stack. All smart contracts chains in the Assembly network are able to communicate with each other in a trustless and atomic way.

Assembly is


dApps tailored to your and your users needs. Define lucrative incentive structures and flexible execution fees as low as $0.

Fees paid in any tokens

Pay with stablecoins or the native tokens of any smart contract chain. This reduces barriers and creates entirely new and exciting tokenomics for dApp developers.

Define your incentives

Define your own fee structure for users and incentives for validators. dApps can push their own token for more adoption and increase the token utility.

Incredibly low cost

With Assembly, the cost for smart contract execution is incredibly cheap. Developers can define their incentives and transaction fees to even deploy zero-fee smart contracts.

Assembly is

Fast, secure and scalable

Assembly scales horizontally. More smart contract chains increase the transaction throughput, while keeping fees and speed consistently low for all users.

Finality within seconds

Transactions confirm within seconds, making the network incredibly fast and user-friendly.

Horizontal scaling

Smart contracts are executed in parallel and therefore do not impose any limitations or restrictions on each other’s scalability anymore.


Assembly can potentially host unlimited smart contract chains, thus drastically increasing the throughput, while still maintaining full security, interoperability and composability.

Fully customizable

Eliminate tradeoffs

Assembly enables you to launch your own governed smart contract chains while guaranteeing full interoperability between all of them.

Open chains

Allowing anybody to freely deploy, build and interact with dApps. They are public networks that run specific VMs (e.g. EVM) accessible to anyone without permissions.

Permissioned chains

Benefitting from the security and interoperability of Assembly, while keeping transactions private and only allowing authorized parties to interact.

Application chains

Optimized for the requirements of specific applications to increase their reliability, throughput and speed to meet the demands of mainstream adoption.


Build without boundaries

Assembly offers a flexible development environment to build dApps tailored to your needs.
Native Assets & NFTs
Gaming & Metaverse
Computation Markets
Decentralized Social Networks